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Adventures in Top 40 Radio: Part 2


Picking up from where we last left off, the commercial break winds down and I begin the bottom-half of my horrible, horrible experiment.

Perfect – P!nk

  • Speaking of staying power…I remember when Pink debuted (without the “!”) as an R&B singer with “attitude.” Then she turned into a pop-rock singer…with “attitude.” Now she alternates between dance music and straight pop ballads like this one…with “attitude.”
  • What’s with all the self-esteem building songs lately? Oh, right.
  • Well, this song is bland and generic. I was hoping this experiment would produce a lot more anger and rage, because More >
It kind of pisses me off that these guys have millions of dollars.

Adventures in Top 40 Radio


I basically hate most music. That’s not to say that I hate music; I don’t. I have music I really enjoy, but my tastes are very narrow and specific, and the general majority of music that’s out there today stimulates an ancient, dark part of my brain that knows only chaos and violence. And the absolute worst kind of music for stimulating that part of my brain is the crap they put on Top 40 radio these days.

So as a mildly masochistic experiment, I thought I’d force myself to listen to an hour of Top 40 radio, specifically KHKS 106.1 Kiss FM, one of the Dallas area’s consistently More >


The Lion’s share of Apple’s problems



You can say what you want about Steve Jobs, but the man likes his icons IN ROWS.

Did you ever wonder why Macs and other Apple products attract so much attention from both the tech and mainstream press, even though Mac users only account for 12% of the U.S. computer owning population?

Here’s the secret: it’s because most of those journalists and bloggers…studied journalism.

Apple basically invented desktop publishing with the Macintosh. Sure, in the early 1990′s you could get Photoshop or PageMaker for a PC. But Windows 3.1 just didn’t stack up to System 7 when it came to graphic design More >

Duhvelopers! Duhvelopers! Duhvelopers!

What the hell is wrong with Microsoft?


I’ve never really understood the devotion of die-hard Apple fanatics.  You know the type: the ones who have owned all four versions of the iPhone, the ones who think the Apple TV was a good idea, the ones who will argue with a straight face that Aperture can be just as good as Photoshop.

I’ve often thought it must be hard to be an Apple fanboy.  It’s not unlike being in an abusive relationship; no matter how much disdain Cupertino shows for their customers, they continue to make excuses, talk about how much they love their giant iPod, and bend over when Apple launches their next annual More >

Dear Blockbuster, this is why you’re going bankrupt


EDIT: As pointed out by a commenter below, Tron was in fact out of print and in Disney’s vault at the time I wrote this.  That and my response below in the comments.

Last weekend, I went to one of your bigger stores in the area to rent Tron. You didn’t have Tron, not on Blu-Ray or DVD. One of your helpful employees checked, and none of your stores in the area had it, either. A cult hit with a major sequel coming out in just a few months.

I couldn’t find anything else on Blu-Ray that I wanted to watch (how is it that Netflix’s barely stocked Watch Instantly selection is better than your More >

The object of so much hatred, sitting on a throw pillow.

I no longer fear hell, for I have dealt with Xbox support


I recently purchased an Xbox 360 Elite, partially to relieve the burden of my first-gen 360′s crowded hard drive, and partially to serve as a Media Center extender for my impending conversion to a Media Center DVR.  And I was quite happy to have a brand new controller, one where the joysticks centered properly and the nubs hadn’t been worn off.

Except the controller that came with the Elite was broken.  The left trigger squeaked and stuck, which means I’d be stuck with my face in my sights in Modern Warfare 2 while being shot to death from the side.  When something affects a man’s kill/death More >

"Those were the daaaaaaaaaaaayyysss..."

The end of an era


The other day, a very sad thought occurred to me.  The advent of digital cable means the death of scrambled cable porn.  What was once a proud ritual of pubescent boys, switching over to the PPV channels late at night and watching the scrambled feed — “Is that a boob or an elbow?  I think I just saw a vagina!” — that ritual is now dead.  Bonding with other boys at a sleepover, inside jokes about the terrible music…all gone.  It’s a sad, sad day for American youth.

"Those were the daaaaaaaaaaaayyysss..."

I believe a moment of silence is in order.

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