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Watch what you advertise


I’m not really a ‘fancy watch’ kind of guy.  I rarely dress up, and the few watches I’ve owned were Fossils that I liked but didn’t last longer than a year.  Because, of course, FOSSIL WATCHES ARE CHEAP WATCHES.  So I’ve never owned a watch that cost more than, say, $80.  And I was okay with that.  Even if I could afford a nice watch (I can’t), it probably wouldn’t be a priority.  Lots of other things could be bought with a few thousand dollars.  Nerdy things, if not entirely practical ones.

And then I was browsing through this month’s Wired.  And I turned to page 91.  And I saw…it.  A More >


I, Robot, Tecate, and the art of product placement


Let’s get this out of the way: the film version of I, Robot with Will Smith is a terrible, terrible movie. It actually serves as an example of everything that can be wrong with a movie: straying too far from the original source material, lazy and cliched writing, terrible acting, poor special effects, and inappropriate product placement. It’s this last bit that’s probably the movie’s most egregious sin, since the opening scene has Will Smith unboxing a pair of “vintage 2004″ fucking Converse high tops.

This picture would be a lot funnier if I hadn't downloaded it from fucking Converse's own More >


Unfortunate advertising placement


First of all: a disclaimer. The fervor behind politics mixed with the bravado behind an anonymous internet connection truly brings out the worst in people. That, and the fact that politics don’t really fit into the niche I’m attempting to carve here, means that despite the coming hurricane of idiocracy that comes with people arguing politics with complete strangers via keyboard, you won’t see any much of it here. That said, this was too funny to pass up.

If you’re at all into the…ugh, “social” web (I feel dirty for just typing it), you’ve probably heard about the little video that makes More >

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