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Did you know the site icon is called the "Mean little ball of rage?" Did you know this site HAD an icon?

A year of various rage


Today marks the one year anniversary of this website, and I thought I’d mark the occasion by sharing a few things I’ve learned, and to recap some popular posts, and personal favorites.

Did you know the site icon is called the "Mean little ball of rage?" Did you know this site HAD an icon?

Things I’ve learned over the last year of blogging:

  • WordPress is easy to manage, but not so easy to set up.
  • Never, ever use Yahoo! webhosting.  Ever.
  • The people that care about Tekken 6 are not necessarily the people that will care about anything else on this website.
  • The need for new content on a regular More >

A video game has never made you cry…but neither has a film or book


Video game blog Kotaku linked to an argument-provoking article on ihobo this weekend that makes the bold claim that a game has never made anyone cry.  Well, not in and of itself.  The author writes:

This is the nub of the issue here: a story can make you cry by empathising with the protagonist (or another character), but a game (when viewed as a formal system) cannot do this. It follows that the only way that a videogame can make you cry is by using narrative tools that have nothing to do with games as formal systems whatsoever. So even though, for instance, many people report that they cried More >

The New Hotness


After much labor and love, the new site design is live.  The old theme I was using was nice, but the css was a rats nest of code and it didn’t always display properly in every browser.  This theme is my own heavily modified version of a theme from the wonderful folks at ThemeLab (home of some very slick themes, you should check them out).  In addition to being hella cool looking, the website now supports Gravatars for comments, and social bookmarking links at the bottom of every post, including a handy “email” and “print” button.  As it turns out, the theme still doesn’t render quite More >

Go see Wall-E. Now.


I apologize for the lack of updates lately.  Blogging is a demanding mistress, and between my new job, family life, rounding-out my screenplay (yes, I’m a blogger with a screenplay, I’m aware I’m a cliche), and trying to cram three years’ worth of Battlestar Galactica into about three weeks, I’ve been a little overwhelmed.  However, instead of sitting in front of your monitor, fruitlessly clicking refresh to see if I’ve graced you with more of my wit and insight (or, you know, checking the site’s RSS feed…I do have an RSS feed, you know), you should instead get out for a spell and go watch More >


I can has commentz?


[Tap tap tap]  Hello.  Is this thing on?

I know you jerks are out there, reading this wonderful blog that I put out there for your amusement.  I have a little graph that tells me so.  So where are you guys?  I do actually have a comments section, right down there, right below the post.  See it?  If you’re on the front page, there’s a little quick link that takes you straight to it.  That’s for you! I understand it’s a little sad to start pestering people to leave comments on my blog, but this is what you’ve forced me to lower myself to.  I feel like such a tool.  Are you happy now?  So More >

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