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Dash Express GPS Post-Mortem


When I last wrote about the Dash Express GPS unit, I was hopeful.  The unit had its problems, but the company seemed headed in the right direction.  That was a while ago.  Since then, I had to trade in two (2) defective units, and the company announced they would switch to being a software provider only and would no longer be making their own hardware.  Oh, and they played the CEO shuffle and laid-off 50 employees.

What happened?

The most obvious problem with the Dash Express was the hardware.  The thing was massively huge, and Dash’s reasoning for this was that they had packed so much stuff More >


Dash Express GPS review pt. 3 – Almost there…but not quite yet


I covered a couple of problems with the Dash Express GPS receiver in part 1 and part 2 of my review, but there’s a growing list of frustration with the Dash that make it feel like I’m more of a beta tester instead of a paying customer.

  • Routing Issues – The primary function of a GPS receiver is to get you where you need to go as quickly and efficiently as possible. For basic GPS devices, it’s their only function. So why does it seem like Dash has such a hard time with it. As I admitted before, this is my first GPS receiver, so some of the routing issues could be bad map data from More >

GPS survey mocks Nintendo Wii


Funnily enough, while writing up part two of my review of the Dash Express GPS receiver, I received an email invitation to a customer survey about my experience with Dash.  It was a thorough survey – they really seem like they do care what customers think, so that’s a good sign.  However, while filling out the page that reduces me to a demographic based on my tech-savvy purchases, I didn’t expect to find this sharp little barb.  I know people give the Wii flack for having too many “casual” games, but this is just mean.

Jeez, Dash…tell us what you really More >

My Road Trip with Dash (continued)


After acquiring my Dash Express GPS (read about it here), my first real test with it was my road trip to Houston. You know, for business (not “business”). It’s my first and only GPS system, so I unfortunately don’t have a TomTom or a Garmin to compare it with, but my understanding is that they all have their own little quirks. Dash got me to the Houston area just fine, although it did have a strange habit of recalculating the route every 80 miles or so, as though I’d exited the highway, even when I hadn’t.

When I arrived in the greater-Houston area around rush hour, the best feature of the More >

My Road Trip with Dash


I’ve had my Dash Express GPS for a few weeks now, but I haven’t had the chance to really put it through its paces until last week, went I went down to Houston on business (not “business”). The Dash is unique in that it’s a GPS device with a built in GPRS internet connection that’s always on. This makes the Dash unique in four ways:

  1. Live traffic: This is the primary reason I chose the Dash over other GPS systems. The Dash displays traffic for all roads (not just highways) from a third-party traffic provider, historical data, and – this is the cool part – other Dash users. See, the Dash More >
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