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The object of so much hatred, sitting on a throw pillow.

I no longer fear hell, for I have dealt with Xbox support


I recently purchased an Xbox 360 Elite, partially to relieve the burden of my first-gen 360′s crowded hard drive, and partially to serve as a Media Center extender for my impending conversion to a Media Center DVR.  And I was quite happy to have a brand new controller, one where the joysticks centered properly and the nubs hadn’t been worn off.

Except the controller that came with the Elite was broken.  The left trigger squeaked and stuck, which means I’d be stuck with my face in my sights in Modern Warfare 2 while being shot to death from the side.  When something affects a man’s kill/death More >

The Ballad of Tara Shepard (or: Why I’m playing the first Mass Effect again)


Playing through the first Mass Effect was one of the most gratifying single player video game experiences I’ve ever had. The second time I played it, that is.

The first time I played through the RPG dressed-up as a shooter, I played through as “Mark Shepard”, and I did what I usually do in games that offer you a lot of choices: I did what I’d do if I were there.  And it turns out, I’m kind of a Boy Scout.  I scored very high as a “Paragon” on the morality scale, meaning most of my decisions were selfless, and I always tried to talk things through before things got violent.  The universe that More >

Japan's view of the US: the best we have to offer includes a wealthy industry heir who spends his time goofing around in martial-arts tournaments, and an obnoxious fat guy.

Random thoughts about Street Fighter IV (not exactly a review)

  • Street Fighter IV is a lot of fun, and feels like a perfect evolution from Street Fighter II, which is perfect for me since I never got into the Alpha games or SF III.
  • While online matches are lag free more often than not, the rest of the online mode is broken.  The lobby system is just painful, there’s no way to have more than two people in a game/lobby at once, the lack of blind character selects can lead to balance problems (I wish I could count the number of Zangiefs and Guiles chosen after I choose Chun-Li), and the ranking system is weak. This needs to be fixed, period.
  • The 360 d-pad More >

A video game has never made you cry…but neither has a film or book


Video game blog Kotaku linked to an argument-provoking article on ihobo this weekend that makes the bold claim that a game has never made anyone cry.  Well, not in and of itself.  The author writes:

This is the nub of the issue here: a story can make you cry by empathising with the protagonist (or another character), but a game (when viewed as a formal system) cannot do this. It follows that the only way that a videogame can make you cry is by using narrative tools that have nothing to do with games as formal systems whatsoever. So even though, for instance, many people report that they cried More >


Braid: Over-Blown


Over the past two weeks, the gaming press has assaulted me with stories about a downloadable Xbox Live game called Braid.  Joystiq and Penny Arcade in particular have been blaring the “OMG BEST GAME EVAR!!1!” trumpets (to paraphrase), but apparently they aren’t alone.  The game is a Super Mario Brothers-styled platformer with time-controlling elements similar to Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, with a unique narrative and hand-painted backdrops and design that’s unlike anything that I’ve ever seen in a game before.  Despite the originality of the game, I just don’t get the hype.

Portal More >


GPS survey mocks Nintendo Wii


Funnily enough, while writing up part two of my review of the Dash Express GPS receiver, I received an email invitation to a customer survey about my experience with Dash.  It was a thorough survey – they really seem like they do care what customers think, so that’s a good sign.  However, while filling out the page that reduces me to a demographic based on my tech-savvy purchases, I didn’t expect to find this sharp little barb.  I know people give the Wii flack for having too many “casual” games, but this is just mean.

Jeez, Dash…tell us what you really More >


Tekken 6 HD Arcade Machine spotted in Houston


While I was down in Houston this week on business (yes, actual business, not “business”), I ducked into the Tilt arcade in the Houston Galleria for a quick couple of games on my way out of town.  I was pleasantly surprised to find a handful of clean, well-maintained, fun games.  I was even more surprised to stumble upon a very new looking Tekken 6 machine.

Honestly, I’ve never really been into Tekken — I’m more of a Soul Calibur and Street Fighter guy.  But the Internet tells me it’s running on an arcade board based on the PS3, and it’s not ever going to be More >

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