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Blockbuster, or Netflix? Why is it so hard for ME?

The movies-by-mail dilemma


I sincerely need help with this problem, and I hope reaching out to the depths of the internets can help me.  We’re talking a Sophie’s Choice-caliber problem here, people: I am currently signed up for both major movies-by-mail programs, and I need to cancel one.

I’ve been a Blockbuster Total Access subscriber for a couple of years now, and for the most part, the mail service works great.  Movies arrive within a day (or they did, before I moved and mail service got infinitely shittier at my new zip), and I generally get what’s at the top of my queue, except for the occasional rare item.  But, More >

Whiskey, Dollhouse, and why everyone else on the internet is wrong


This post contains severe spoilers for last night’s Dollhouse episode, so if you haven’t watched it on your DVR or Hulu or whatever, then DO NOT KEEP READING. (more…)

Dash Express GPS Post-Mortem


When I last wrote about the Dash Express GPS unit, I was hopeful.  The unit had its problems, but the company seemed headed in the right direction.  That was a while ago.  Since then, I had to trade in two (2) defective units, and the company announced they would switch to being a software provider only and would no longer be making their own hardware.  Oh, and they played the CEO shuffle and laid-off 50 employees.

What happened?

The most obvious problem with the Dash Express was the hardware.  The thing was massively huge, and Dash’s reasoning for this was that they had packed so much stuff More >

The Worth of a Guarantee (a sad but true story)


Internet problems. Not again. Not after everything I went through before, I thought.

The internet was down, all right. The tubes to my house must have been clogged. I had no choice, I had to call customer service.

I hate calling customer service.

I told the robot on the other end what the skinny was. He seemed sympathetic, but I suppose he was programmed to seem that way. Then I held. I held for what seemed like an eternity, playing solitaire and listening to jazz on speakerphone. Then she answered.

An accent, I thought. Fantastic. Why do they always have to have accents? Hers was More >

We now resume our regularly scheduled programming


Things have been pretty busy at Casa de Rage, lately, so I apologize for the dearth of posts. A great many things have happened over the past several weeks, and I look forward to telling you all about them. For now, here is a short summary of things that happened to me while I was away from the keyboard. During the time I wasn’t blogging, I:

  • Visited a casino and found out why the “Bet max” button on a slot machine should never be used.
  • Formulated a plan to help rid the world of terrible restaurant servers.
  • Perfected my Siegfried in Soul Calibur IV.
  • Had my Dash Express GPS break, and More >

Good times on the Web


I’ve gushed before about my web browser preferences, but these are exciting times for web surfers. Since the world-wide-web came into existence, web browsers have been like Sith – there are only two…two that count, anyway. And just like Sith, they may play nice while secretly desiring to destroy the other and rule the universe web. In the early days, it was Netscape dueling it out with Mosaic. That eventually turned into Internet Explorer vs. Netscape, which gave way to the Firefox/IE deathmatch. Web browsers have been like the de-facto two-party American political system, with fringe More >

Just one little problem


The search for an excellent hotel room is a hard one for the weary road-warrior.  I thought I had found one, too.  Clean, modern, well decorated.  None of that cheesy grandma furniture.  32″ LCD HDTV…although everything is stretch-o-vision, I can tolerate that…for one night, anyway.  Large work desk, comfy chair…twenty foot ceiling for crying out loud!  Stone tile in the bathroom…marble counter-top…king size pillow-top bed.  Most importantly, it’s within my company-mandated budget!

There’s just one teeny, tiny problem.

An internet connection that feels like dial-up.  It’s painful.  I can’t More >

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