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Fact-checking the debate


You have to...HAND IT to my opponent. Eh? Get it? I'm sorry, sometimes my jokes are a little strange because I was a POW and a war hero.

This Tuesday saw the second meeting between Senators Barack Obama and John McCain, the respective Democratic and Republican nominees for the American presidency. The debate was a “town hall” format, in quotes because it wasn’t really a town hall format, hosted by Tom Brokaw, the most passive-aggressive journalist anyone could find. The modern debate has become another forum for political candidates to spin the truth in their favor; and while there are More >


What do you mean? A politician LIED?!?


Despite my general policy of steering clear of politics on this site, I think it’s pretty safe to say that John Edwards’ political career is pretty much finished.  In case you live under a rock, or haven’t taken your eyes away from 14 year-old Chinese gymnasts pretending to be 16, former senator Edwards ‘fessed-up to having an affair with a campaign staffer who apparently gets around.  A lot.  While cheating on your cancer-ridden wife falls somewhere between “intentionally making babies cry” and “kitten-rape” on the Miserable Bastard Scale, it’s not my place to judge.  After all, it’s a More >


Unfortunate advertising placement


First of all: a disclaimer. The fervor behind politics mixed with the bravado behind an anonymous internet connection truly brings out the worst in people. That, and the fact that politics don’t really fit into the niche I’m attempting to carve here, means that despite the coming hurricane of idiocracy that comes with people arguing politics with complete strangers via keyboard, you won’t see any much of it here. That said, this was too funny to pass up.

If you’re at all into the…ugh, “social” web (I feel dirty for just typing it), you’ve probably heard about the little video that makes More >

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