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Talking lemons and porn stars: a small collection of 30 Rock parodies


Okay, even though this season has gotten off to a rough start, 30 Rock is still one of my all-time favorite TV shows.  And, given my documented fondness for Sesame Street, you can imagine how tickled I was to find this very clever send-up sketch, entitled “30 Rocks.”

I’m quite amused by the fact that Liz Lemon is in fact, a lemon.  Plus, the Alec Baldwin muppet is just awesome.

I was also quite surprised to find out that 30 Rock had become such a pop-culture force as to warrant a porn parody.  I haven’t seen the actual adult film, mind you (honest!), but this trailer for it is pretty damn More >

Why yes, Ms. Chenoweth, I do like older women...why do you ask?

It’s time for straight men to reclaim Kristin Chenoweth


Alright men – specifically, straight men – listen up.  This is Kristin Chenoweth:

She has become an icon in the gay community, and the majority of her fanbase is gay men…and this simply won’t do.  Straight men, we are taking back Kristin Chenoweth.  The reasons why we need to take action and reclaim her for ourselves are as follows:

  1. She’s gorgeous. This is kind of a given…otherwise we wouldn’t have to fight the gay men over her.
  2. She’s crazy talented. In addition to winning a Tony and being a fantastic actress, she’s also a classically trained  soprano. You know, the glass-breaking

    More >

A grown-up’s guide to Sesame Street for grown-ups


Sesame Street is a wonderful educational program that’s been entertaining and informing small children for years.  For parents of young children, it can be a great educational tool.  It doesn’t hurt that it’s a children’s program that won’t make you want to throw your TV out the window, either.  Chances are, though, that it’s been a long time since you watched Sesame Street — or your parents didn’t love you enough to let you watch it when you were a kid — so you may not be as familiar with the characters as you think.  With that in mind, I happily present Random Rage’s grown-up’s guide to the More >

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