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DVR by the numbers: How much does owning a DVR really cost?


Between my Western Digital external hard drive failing right outside of warranty, my frustration with TiVo’s decade-old interface, and service provider DVRs coming-up short, I’ve been thinking a lot about the personal TV choices available to me. And when I think about something a lot, it frequently leads to charts. Especially when money is involved.

So, during the process of sorting-out if I’m going to keep TiVo or ditch it for Moxi, or even a Vista CableCard Home Theater PC, I ran some numbers and came to some interesting conclusions. I compared the overall cost of ownership of different More >

All a-twitter


So, as much as I loathe the idea of twitter, I think my lack of updates since Christmas sort of speak for themselves. Randomragenet is now online at twitter and twittling away. Is that what it’s called? Twittling?

In the meantime, my TiVo is down, but I have FiOS…having FiOS makes me very happy, but not having TiVo makes me feel like doing the angry dance:


Jumpin’ Freejack Flash


I TiVo’ed 1992′s Freejack off of HDNet Movies recently (Best. Channel. Ever.), and finally got around to watching it for the first time since I was thirteen. The movie has not aged well, although there are some pretty interesting sci-fi concepts buried underneath early 90′s action cheese and an incredibly convoluted script. Emilio Estevez is a race car driver in the totally-rad present (1991) who has a horrible, fatal accident during the biggest race of his career. Except instead of being killed, he’s zapped into a dark and dystopian future where the ultra-rich can buy immortality. They More >

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