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Oh, what the hell, let's get Dad a card too

Even more inappropriate Mother’s Day cards


Mother’s day was this past weekend, and if you didn’t know that, you’ve probably already been on the recieving end of a guilt-riddled phone call.  However, just like last year, while shopping for cards for those I know that have expunged a human from their loins, I came across some very unusual cards.  And, just like last year, I thought I’d share them with the rest of the internets.

Let’s kick things off with a card that seems to completely miss the point.

Did you know that black mothers occasionally need to be reminded of their blackness?

I’m not exactly what a portrait of “whiteness” More >


Ridiculously specific and inappropriate Mother’s Day cards


I hope everyone had a good Mother’s Day yesterday. I also hope you remembered to send my best wishes to your mom for me.

While shopping for Mother’s Day cards last week, I was amazed at how specific some of the cards were. Amongst category headers such as “Mother – funny” or “From son,” there were increasingly specific categories like, “Mother – close relationship.” Some of them even got more specific (forgive the blurry camera phone pics).

Now, normally when I buy a card for any occasion, I try to find a card that’s personal, meaningful, and actually applicable. This can frequently More >

An Open Letter to Your Mom


Well, good afternoon Mrs. Henderson. How are you? Mhmm, mhmm. I’m pretty good, thanks for asking. Yup. Oh, he’s not home? Okay, I can wait here for him, if you’re sure you don’t mind. Thank you.

Have you redecorated lately? Yeah, I see that. I like them, I really do. Cookies? Oh, thank you, you’re too kind. No, I love chocolate chip, they’re my favorite. Yes, I’d love some milk to go with them. Thank you. Oh, no, nothing’s wrong with the cookies, I just really don’t like to be touched when I’m eating, and well, your hand is on my thigh, Mrs. Henderson. More >

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